Fertigo Medical has successfully established its technology and intellectual property.

It did so, based on its own resources and generous assistance from the Israeli Innovation Authority (formerly known as the Chief Scientist Office).


Investors who are seeking a great opportunity at this time are encouraged to approach us to discuss possible venues.




The Market Size

Due to the ongoing fierce competition between fertility clinics, IVF success rates are critical to their marketing since they play a major role in individuals' selection.


IVF treatments in the USA alone amount to 180,000 cycles per year. In Europe, 500,000 cycles are performed annually.


The U.S. cost of a treatment cycle is $10,000 to $20,000, i.e., the U.S. TAM (Total Available Market) is about $2 billion ($2.2 billion in North America). The European TAM is estimated at $3 billion. These TAMs sum-up to $5.2 billion.


An increase of 50% in the success rate of cycles translates to $2.6 billion annually and an increase by merely 5% translates to $260 million. [Note: Indirect costs (e.g. of cycle complications) were not taken into account in this calculation.]


Indirect costs of cycle complications etc. are not taken into account in this calculation.


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